Title Shot of Rubbish, Recycle, or Compost
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Rubbish, Recycle, or Compost?

I am still an amateur at these rubbish, recycle, or compost videos, but I think they’re helping to get the word out about how to properly dispose of items. If you follow the blog at all, you’ll know that I…

Rubbish or Recycle Screen Shot
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Rubbish or Recycle? Video #2

So, I guess I decided to make Rubbish or Recycle into a series. I had a lot of fun making the first video, so what the hell? Here’s Rubbish or Recycle? Video #2! Here I’ll show you how to recycle…

Rubbish or Recycle, Picture of Rubbish Bin
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Rubbish or Recycle? #1

Today I was sorting my recycling (as one does when they’re not a lazy ­čĺę) and I had a great idea to show you my thought process. Here you can listen to my melodious voice, hear some recycling tips, and…