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So, I guess I decided to make Rubbish or Recycle into a series. I had a lot of fun making the first video, so what the hell? Here’s Rubbish or Recycle? Video #2!

Here I’ll show you how to recycle everything from junk mail and plastic food containers to post-it notes and air fresheners. I tried a new format with just captions and some silly music so you don’t have to listen to my voice. Let me know if you like it.

Additionally, I recorded this video with even more items, including foil, and it features my melodious voice (LOL). I also talk about the reasons why I’m putting items in certain places. The only thing I didn’t get to is the medicine bottles. I’m going to put that in a different post, as I’m still interviewing experts about it. It’s kind of a difficult subject and it makes me irate. ?

See if you can spot the receipt for vodka. Nothing like showing an entire wine box and a receipt for vodka in one post!

As always, you should check with your city’s recycling page to see if any of their policies differ from the advice in my video. Please leave a comment, or else contact me directly!

Rubbish or Recycle? Video #2


Hi, I'm MJ, a recovering aspirational recycler who started HowToRecycle to share her journey with others. I kindly invite you to share your knowledge with me, talk about issues that are bothering you, tell me where I’m wrong (you know you want to), and help me discover new things!

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