woman recyles during the coronavirus emergency
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Can You Recycle During Coronavirus?

Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has changed our lives on an unprecedented scale. Not only are many of us working from home while watching our children and worrying about the future, but many people are completely out of work, watching…

Picture of Recycling Bins
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Stop Throwing all your Sh*t into Recycling Bins!

Stop throwing all your Sh*t into Recycling Bins. Is that a harsh headline? I hope so. And I hoped it grabbed your attention. But you guys, do you know what’s going on with the US Recycling industry right now? It’s…

How to Recycle Symbol on Grass
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How to Start Recycling

Are you wondering how to start recycling? Believe me, I hear you. It can be daunting because every city/municipality/town has different rules about how to recycle certain items. And if you don’t even have curbside bin pickup, it’s going to…

Top 5 Recyclable Items
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The Top 5 Recyclable Items

You’ll see that in most articles I write, I encourage you to go to your local city/town’s recycling page to see what you can and cannot put in the recycling bin. I do this because some cities have more sophisticated…

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What is a How2Recycle™ Label?

As you know, I’m in the process of moving from aspirational recycler to recycling savant. The other day, I was reading a label on a bottle of cleaning solution, and the only recycling info it gave me was, “please recycle.”…