Rubbish or Recycle, Picture of Rubbish Bin

Today I was sorting my recycling (as one does when they’re not a lazy ?) and I had a great idea to show you my thought process. Here you can listen to my melodious voice, hear some recycling tips, and make fun of my kitchen carpet.

Tip: I talk a lot, and then around the :50 mark I start actually recycling.

OH NO! I made a mistake. Though I was told I can recycle frozen food bags, you actually cannot. These contain additional polymers or other ingredients, which is good for extending shelf life but complicated for recyclers. So, yes, you can recycle plastic film and plastic shopping bags in your store’s dropoff bin, but IGNORE THE CORN in the video.

Rubbish or Recycle? #1


Hi, I'm MJ, a recovering aspirational recycler who started HowToRecycle to share her journey with others. I kindly invite you to share your knowledge with me, talk about issues that are bothering you, tell me where I’m wrong (you know you want to), and help me discover new things!

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