Hold on Bags and their uses.

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I was lucky enough to be able to review Hold On Compostable Bags & Storage Bags over the past month. Here’s what they look like from the outside:

Hold On Bags Boxes

I love compostable bags because plastic is everywhere, and our recycling plants are not recycling all of our items, as we all know. I think if you really want to make a difference, compostable is a great place to start. Here are the features of the bags, according to Hold On’s Website.

Hold on Bags and their uses.

When I use a compostable bag, I like it to be able to fit around my compostable can. Our compost was already half full, so I decided to use a regular trash can to show you how the bags stretch to fit an odd-shaped can. Please note the dog bites from him trying to break into our (locked) trash can. We now have to keep it outside in the garage. And, sorry about my feet – unless you like feet.

This bag passed the stretch test!

My boyfriend also said that when he took it out of the trash and tied it together, the handles didn’t break. I’ve had heavy-duty lawn & leaf bags that have broken/are flimsy, so we were impressed with this feature.

Secondly, we used the Zip Seal bags to hold our raw chicken breasts (after much discussion about them possibly leaking in the refrigerator). The bags aren’t see-through, and we did have a little bit of trouble closing the Zip Seal, but it held our chicken breasts for a few days without leaking. Score points for Hold On!

Overall, high marks for these two products from Hold On! It’s been a month and I’ve been satisfied by their durability, the company’s mission, and the cute labeling on the trash bags:

Check out Hold On’s website for more information on these products—they even offer subscription options. Try them out. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Product Review: Hold On Compostable Bags & Kitchen Storage Bags


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