Title Shot of Rubbish, Recycle, or Compost

I am still an amateur at these rubbish, recycle, or compost videos, but I think they’re helping to get the word out about how to properly dispose of items.

If you follow the blog at all, you’ll know that I had no idea about which items to compost, and which to recycle. I just threw everything in the recycle bin and hoped for the best.

Here’s a quick video that hopefully can help you sort your own recycling at home. Pro tip: pay attention to the numbers on the recycling symbols. See if your city actually recycles those (#1 and #2 are the most popular for recycling).

Check out some of my other videos on this topic. And please leave a comment if you feel so inclined!

Rubbish, Recycle, or Compost?


Hi, I'm MJ, a recovering aspirational recycler who started HowToRecycle to share her journey with others. I kindly invite you to share your knowledge with me, talk about issues that are bothering you, tell me where I’m wrong (you know you want to), and help me discover new things!