How to Recycle Shampoo Bottle Pictures of Shampoo Bottles

According to Johnson & Johnson, about 69% of Americans say they consistently recycle. Guess what? 40% of those don’t even think about recycling their bathroom items. I’d suppose it’s because we concentrate so much on food. If you’re thinking about how to recycle a shampoo bottle, it’s actually really easy.

  1. Check to see if there’s a recycling symbol on the bottle.
  2. Rinse or don’t rinse! Some recycling facilities rely on your soapy residue to help with the recycling process.
  3. Discard the nozzle and straw (sadly, these are not recyclable) – UPDATE: I read that if you remove the spring and straw from the nozzle, they can be recycled – but you’d still have to check with your city/municipality to see if they’d accept them.
  4. Remove the lid? I’ve received a few different answers about this. It really depends on how your city processes the recycling. I’d say it’s safer to leave the lid off and put it within the same bin, but please contact your local recycling center or city/council to get all the details.
How to Recycle Shampoo Bottle Pictures of Shampoo Bottles

We all know recycling is necessary to reduce the amount of trash lingering in our environment. But it’s also a huge pain when you have kids and you’re working full-time, etc. So a quick thought: why not purchase larger bottles instead? It’s less waste, less time spent rinsing, and less time spent shopping!

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How to Recycle a Shampoo Bottle


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