A picture of various Nespresso Capsules

I don’t own a Nespresso, but my sister does. It’s a really convenient way to have coffee in the morning – especially if you’re pressed for time. So, recyclers: I have great news for you. Nespresso capsules (or pods) are recyclable!

You can either return them to a Nespresso store for recycling or use a local recycling facility for their disposal.

As always, check with your municipal recycling center for specifics, as some allow you to only put empty capsules into the regular curbside recycling bin or have dedicated drop-off centers for used coffee pods.

You can also look into Nespresso’s mail-in recycling program, where they will reimburse you with coffee credits for your returned capsules.

Lastly, you could search for Nespresso recycling partners in your area to find out if any coffee shops, grocery stores, or other local businesses are accepting used capsules for recycling.

How to Recycle Nespresso Pods


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